Tunis 2050, Série 3D humoristique ; CGS 3D v
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2050 is a series that gives a futuristic vision of the daily life of the Mediterranean citizen in 2050.

+ 15 ans

2050 is a comedy series that presents the life of an ordinary family of five members: the father Abdelhamid (a lawyer), the mother Yesmine (manager of a dating agency), the eldest daughter Nihel, the middle son Skander and Slim the little genius of the family.

The series gives us a modernist and futuristic vision of a Mediterranean family in the year 2050, hence its title. It features a graphic and an unusual decor.

This series is about the behavior of the Mediterranean citizen in the future, a behavior that is not really different from our present.

  • Producer: CGS 3D
  • Format: 60 x 12
  • Technology: 3DSMAX